“I have known Mr. Hazim for over 15 years and have conducted training with him in both a contracting role and as a peer and have published on radicalization with him in journals and in an FBI library subject bibliography. He is highly qualified to be a POST instructor— he has the educational background, the real world background, and remains up to date in his research and understanding of the subject matter. In fact, the old law enforcement support group I was associated with— the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center- West— thought so highly of Mr. Hazim that he was sent back to help with the after action review in the DC Sniper Case concerning the radicalization of the perpetrators. His training sessions have always been cutting edge and highly valuable for law enforcement officers.”


-Dr. Robert J Bunker, Theorist and Former FBI Futurist in Residence
CEO of CounterOpfor


“I love it! The concept in my view is sound and realistic and doable. The theory is much needed in the law enforcement profession and would make us much more effective as it takes into consideration the bottom-up approach, where the rubber meets the road at the street level. Big in my mind for establishing better relationships and mutual trust holistically.”


-Lieutenant Fred Leland, Instructor Trainer at Municipal Police Training Committee Lieutenant at Walpole Police Department, Director of Law Enforcement & Security Consulting, INC


“My partner and I are detectives with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department working counter terrorism. We have put on several annual conferences on the issue of radicalization and recruiting as it relates to the issue of terrorism.


Approximately four years ago we observed Hakim giving a presentation to law enforcement personnel at one of our facilities. We were very impressed with Hakim’s presentation and requested him to participate as a speaker at our conference. The content of his presentation was outstanding and very enlightening. He brought a unique personal perspective as his contribution to the conference because his own life experiences were so compelling and relevant to the subject matter.


Hakim’s segment at the conference was very well received and the evaluations for his segment were highly rated by the class attendees.


Because of the very positive response to his presentation he was the only speaker of many that we invited to present at our conference the following year. We highly recommend Hakim!”


-Detective D.G.
Joint Regional Intelligence Center/Homeland Security
Los Angeles Sherriff’s Department


Offender Intervention and Program Development


“Hakim is making a difference because of his expertise. They themselves are identifying the situation they are in.”


Elda Catalano
Chief Probation Officer Canyon County


“Now I feel like I’m strong. I have trust, respect, and dignity. I would not have that if I wasn’t a part of this. I have the ability to help people now, to be a leader.”


Ben Amaya, Former Juvenile Offender