Relevant Now is a nationally recognized consultancy that provides services to the diverse communities, public and private, that are tasked with our nation's security and offender populations. Security, criminality, and decision analysis are the primary areas of research. The founder, Hakim Hazim, is a graduate of Washburn University with a degree in sociology and the recipient of the CSUSB National Security Studies' Master's degree. Mr. Hazim provides expertise in the following areas: sociological intelligence, realism, mentoring, gangs, radicalization processes, urban and social decay, and law enforcement approaches to the mentally ill and cognitively challenged.  As a Christian, Mr. Hazim embraces elements of Christian Realism found in the works of the late theologian Reinhold Niebuhr. He is developing his own theory of security coined, innate revolt theory. Relevant now has been contracted to provide written research, briefings, and seminars to various local, state, and federal agencies as well as private companies. Hakim refers to himself as a self-direction/autonomy specialist when dealing with offenders and at risk youth. Relevant Now has added the services of Charles Holmes since 2007. Mr. Holmes has a Bachelor's of Business Administration and specializes in urban and social decay theory.


Selected Writings

American Realism Revisited: Lethal Minds & Latent Threats (Iuniverse, 2005)

Global Crime “Perpetual Jihad: Striving for a Global Caliphate” (Global Crime Journal, December 2006, GriffinRoutledge).

Are We Prematurely Designating Iran's Revolutionary Guards as Criminal-soldiers?

Groupintel articles

Book Chapter Review

MSNBCs, The Grio




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